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Relevance, Quality, User Experience

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Restricted Products & Services

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Piracy and Counterfeiting




Relevance, Quality, & User Experience

Ad Specs - Display

For additional respective ad unit specific information, please visit


Animation & Video


In the US, Yahoo allows animation in ads for up to 15 seconds. In Hong Kong and Taiwan the limit is 10 seconds. In all other markets, the animation limit is 30 seconds.


Repetitive, excessive, flashing or high annoyance animation is not allowed.


Rich media video is generally subject to the market specific limits listed above for animation.  Thirty seconds of animation may be allowed in some instances (e.g. film trailers, client TV ads), provided the ad unit has a stop button, but all exceptions must be approved by Yahoo. If a user initiates the video, the video can play indefinitely, but must have a "stop" button.




Audio in advertising is allowed only when initiated by an “informed click,” generally defined as a click that a reasonable person would expect to trigger an audio experience. Users should retain the ability to mute audio at all times.




Ads must clearly be differentiated from page content through either:


  • a defined linear or graphical border
  • a solid contrasting background color; OR
  • a combination of border and contrasting background.



All ads large enough to fit branding must include it within the ad unit. All other ads must have clear branding on the landing page.


Ad branding must accurately reflect the party ultimately offering the specific product or service. This requirement also applies to ad units containing multiple offers, which must be branded individually when containing offers from separate parties.


Third Party Ad Tech Vendor


Third party vendor may be used after certified.  Vendors that have not been certified are not accepted.  For a list of certified vendors, please visit


Image Quality & User Experience - Native & Search

Don't use:


  • Loud, clashing, or disruptive color combinations
  • Fuzzy logos
  • Unclear text or fonts
  • Poor resolution, grainy looking images
  • High-annoyance design elements such as arrows and circles that call needlessly call attention to the ad
  • Animation, including animating gifs
  • Images with borders or other similar graphical elements
  • Undecipherable or unidentifiable images
  • Images and video cannot include phone numbers or contact information unless part of the company name such 1-800-Contacts
  • As a best practice, logos and text should not account for more than 20% of the total image area


Video Quality & User Experience - Native & Search


  • Video image and audio must be clear, high quality and play smoothly
  • Video content must be suitable for a general audience
  • The language of the video must match the language of the ad copy and landing page of the ad. In general, the video language should match the language spoken by the majority of people in the targeted market of the respective ad campaign.


Ad Copy, Language, & Style - Native & Search


  • Use correct grammar, spelling, spacing, and punctuation in ads
  • Do not use spammy, meaningless, confusing text; repeating phrases; excessive punctuation or excessive abbreviations.
  • Titles should be title-cased
  • Descriptions should be sentence-cased


Relevance - Display, Native & Search


All ad components must be accurate and relevant to the ultimate offer.


  • Landing pages must lead to a fully functional web page that renders properly on all devices.
  • Landing pages must directly relate to both the ad text and the product that is ultimately offered to consumers.
  • Don’t mislead users with the ad text, image or video, or the “sponsored by” label or any combination of the elements.
  • Images or videos must be relevant, recognizable, and appropriate to the advertised product. There should be a clear, simple, and logical link between the supplied image or video and the ad message to users.


Low Quality & Misleading Content - Display, Native & Search

Yahoo does not allow ads that, at Yahoo's sole discretion, promote low quality products or services, or ads that mislead users or otherwise negatively affect our users' online experience. Landing pages must contain sufficient content that fulfills what is claimed in the ad. This includes, but is not limited to, these types of experiences and products:


  • Landing pages that feature sponsored links, display ads or other advertising as the primary content
  • Landing pages that contain low quality, filler content
  • Landing pages that only contain a lengthy video that must be watched in order to learn about the offer
  • Images or video that suggest results beyond a realistic expectation of the product or service. In particular, ads for personal care/beauty products that claim curative properties, suggest permanent results, or the equivalence of surgical or prescription products
  • Ad text that includes user testimonials
  • Ad text, images, video or landing pages that inaccurately simulate news content, news sites or real magazines, fake blogs, false product reviews, and other reliable sources of information.
  • False email messages or email alerts, system alerts, app notifications, close buttons, drop down lists, incoming call notifications, updates, badges, or any other instances of fake functionality, will not be accepted.
  • Multiple offers from separate companies within a single ad unit (i.e. tiered or segmented ads)
  • Before and after images or video that contain unrealistic, atypical results
  • Services that are offered for free by the government and offered by third parties without adding any additional value to the user, such as green card lotteries
  • Display and Native ads promoting body branding, piercings or tattoos


Third-Party Products & Services - Display, Native & Search


Offers for third-party support services or products may not claim affiliation with the owner or manufacturer of the product when no such relationship exists. Do not claim to provide a service that can only be provided by the actual owner of the products or service advertised.


Brand Keywords - Search

The advertiser is responsible for ensuring that use of keywords and ad content, including trademarks and logos, does not infringe or violate the intellectual property rights of others.


Yahoo appreciates the importance of trademarks and takes allegations of trademark infringement seriously. Yahoo prohibits infringement of trademarks and other intellectual property by advertisers. If a trademark owner is concerned that their trademark is being used improperly in ad text, the owner should first contact the advertiser directly to address the issue. If dissatisfied with the outcome, the owner may also wish to contact Yahoo. Please note that Yahoo is not a mediator.


See Reporting Intellectual Property Claims below for more details.


Yahoo allows fair use of trademarks in ad text, such as:


  • Using a trademark to identify a product, service or company, without suggesting that you are affiliated with or endorsed or sponsored by the owner of that trademark
  • Using the ordinary dictionary definition of a term, rather than using it as a brand name
  • Using a trademark in order to compare your own product or service to the product or service that is branded with that trademark (so long as the comparison is fair, accurate, and supported by independent research)
  • Using a trademark if you are a reseller or distributor of authentic (not counterfeit) goods or services, and if you do not falsely say or imply that you are affiliated with the trademark owner or authorized to resell or distribute those goods or services


Ad Investigations


Yahoo will investigate a complaint about trademark infringement in the text of a search ad only, and take appropriate action after it receives all required information. The investigation is designed to ensure the quality and accuracy of our ad results and to help our users avoid confusion.


Ad and Keyword Investigations: Brazil, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Singapore, and United Kingdom


For these markets, advertisers may not bid on keywords, or use in the text of ads, any term whose use would infringe the trademark of any third party or otherwise be unlawful or in violation of the rights of any third party. For these markets, Yahoo will investigate a complaint about trademark infringement in keyword use after it receives all required information via a trademark complaint as described below.


Reporting Intellectual Property Claims


Please visit our Intellectual Property Center for our guidelines, reporting requirements, and online forms in order to submit a trademark, copyright, or counterfeit complaint.


With any notice, please include the search keyword(s) that produced the ad, display URL, title, and description. Without this information we will be unable to investigate complaints directed towards ads that appear in connection with search results.


Language - Native & Search


Ads and landing pages must be in a language that the majority of the targeted audience will understand.


In Taiwan, ad copy in Simplified Chinese is not allowed.


Pricing & Price Claims - Display, Native & Search


Advertisers are responsible for confirming that price claims made in an ad are clearly and accurately substantiated on the landing page. An offer made in an ad or on a landing page must be genuine, accurate, and clear to users, without material omission.


  • Ads/landing pages must only state that a product or service is “free”, “complimentary” or similar when the product or service is in fact free and the user will not incur any incidental cost in redeeming it.


Continuity Billing & Negative Option Programs - Display, Native & Search


If the offer includes a program in which a product or service is free to the user for a limited amount of time and then must be cancelled to avoid full charges, the terms of the “free trial” must be disclosed in a clear and prominent manner on the landing page, and in close proximity to each mention of the offer and call to action.


  • At a minimum, these terms must state the length of time of the trial offer and the amount the user will be charged if the trial is not cancelled.
  • A link to these terms from the landing page does not satisfy this requirement.


Browser Interference - Display, Native & Search

Landing pages or ads can’t spawn popups. The browser back button, and close button must work from the landing page without any interference. For example, popup boxes that ask users to confirm exit when a user attempts to close the page or present a final offer to users are not allowed. The close button must close the page.


Cloaking - Display, Native & Search

Yahoo prohibits sites that use cloaking or similar techniques to display different content to users than to Yahoo personnel, regardless of time of day or location.


Sexually Suggestive Text, Images or Video, & Situations - Display, Native & Search

Yahoo does not allow sexually suggestive ad text, images or video, or landing pages. This includes but isn’t limited to sexual descriptions, references, puns, or innuendo and images of total, partial, or suggested nudity. Ads that use models in swimwear or lingerie to promote completely unrelated products are considered sexually suggestive. Images or video, text, and landing pages should be appropriate for a general audience.


Defamatory, Libelous, or Threatening Images or Videos, or Language - Display, Native & Search

Yahoo doesn’t allow ad text, images or videos, landing pages or links to sites that feature defamatory, libelous or threatening content or language as defined by Yahoo.


Potentially Offensive Content - Display, Native & Search

Yahoo doesn’t allow ad text, images or videos, landing pages or links to sites that feature potentially offensive content or language as defined by Yahoo. This includes but isn’t limited to:


  • Ads and landing pages that leverage fear, sensitive political or cultural topics, tragic events, or salacious content to promote commercial products or offers.
  • Ads that use race baiting, bigotry or similarly offensive techniques to promote products or services.
  • Viscerally impactful images such as close up images of medical conditions or unattractive conditions the product is meant to treat, blood, body parts, or bodily fluids.
  • Vulgar or offensive words or phrases.

"Sponsored by" Box - Native

Text entered into this box must accurately reflect the company name or product that represents the specific product or service being promoted. Text in the form of a URL won't be allowed unless the domain name and advertiser name are the same.


Display URL - Search

The display URL cannot mislead the consumer into believing they are going to a site not controlled or owned by our advertiser. The display URL cannot be used as another line of text or as an email address field.


Sitelink Extensions - Search Only

The landing page promoted by each Sitelink should be relevant to the Sitelink text and each Sitelink needs to have a unique title. Each Sitelink needs to lead to unique content at your site. In addition, no Sitelink can direct the user to the same landing page as the destination URL of the main part of your ad.


Social Media Landing Pages - Display, Native & Search

Ads may link to a “public” social networking account page (e.g. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter) that is controlled by the advertiser, provided the ad is otherwise compliant with Yahoo policies.


  • Using a sign-in page or requirement must be for a specific reason, such as for ads with age-restricted content. Advertisers can require page "likes" or application integration on social media sites before giving users access to ad offers.
  • Ads cannot contain Facebook platform integrations, such as the Facebook Like button, Share button or Feeds.

Software & Downloads - Display, Native & Search

Disallowed Behaviors


Software must not include viruses, or perform malicious behaviors intended to compromise the security of the device, or harm the device, other applications or personal data.


  • Applications that collect user information or track device use without the user’s knowledge are not allowed.
  • Advertisers must not require a signup as a condition of a free download.
  • Ads from an application may not interfere with other applications, or the ads on other applications.
  • Uninstall functionality cannot be difficult or conditional. Misleading claims about negative effects to the user's device or privacy should an application be uninstalled are not allowed.




All relevant information must be disclosed to consumers before install. These disclosures include but are not limited to:


  • Description of the download and what is included in the download.
  • Actions and effects that the software will have on the user's device and settings.


Privacy & Data Protection - Display, Native & Search


Advertising is not allowed for websites whose primary purpose appears to be collection of personal data (data that can be used, either alone or in combination, to locate an individual), to be used for consumer or promotional marketing, or related purposes. This includes advertising for pages that link to or redirect to such sites.


  • Sites may not collect personal information without the user’s consent
  • If you collect personal data, you must do so securely
  • If you collect personal data, you must provide a prominent link from your landing page or include within the landing page a privacy policy that is applicable to the information being collected.


Advertiser Responsibilities - Display, Native & Search


These guidelines are not intended as legal advice. Adherence to these guidelines is not necessarily sufficient to meet the standards of state/provincial or national laws. Yahoo encourages each advertiser and its agency to consult with legal counsel.

Advertisers should note that due to the dynamic nature of native advertising, certain elements of the ad may not appear (including but not limited to, the image or the description) and ad text may be shortened based on space, device or other requirements.


It is the advertiser's responsibility to ensure that:


  • All advertising it seeks to place complies with all applicable national, state/provincial and local laws or regulations;
  • An advertisement does not violate the intellectual property or other rights of third parties
  • Offers included in any advertising message include all material terms that an ordinary person would require in making an informed decision about whether to purchase the product or service being offered (for example, Yahoo does not accept advertising that offers "free" ring tones, but fails to disclose hidden costs or other restrictions that materially affect the net value of the "free" price);
  • All claims made in an advertisement have been substantiated before the advertisement is scheduled to appear;
  • Users are not being misled or deceived into downloading software;
  • Advertising that includes warranties, guarantees, or other types of assurances to the user complies with all applicable laws, regulations or guidelines regarding such assurances, including but not limited to those set forth by the Federal Trade Commission ("FTC"), Food and Drug Administration ("FDA"), U.S. Secretary of Education or any applicable local regulatory bodies in the region where ads are targeted. Users are not deceived into providing personal information without the user's knowledge, under false pretenses, or to companies who resell, trade, barter or otherwise misuse that personal information; and
  • All advertisements are COPPA and CARU compliant.
  • If the advertiser uses Yahoo proprietary code and/or related tools, such as cookies or web beacons ("Yahoo Code"), in the collection of information to provide behaviorally targeted or interest-based advertisements to a user, any advertising channel (including all forms of media, applications and devices) on which advertiser uses Yahoo Code must prominently display a notice within its privacy policy that includes each of the following disclosures in close proximity: (i) a statement providing that Yahoo Code is used to collect information about goods and services of interest to the user; and (ii) a statement that describes how the user may learn more about the choices offered in connection with the advertiser's use of the Yahoo Code, including an active hyperlink to opt-out from such use.


Yahoo Rights - Display, Native & Search


Yahoo reserves the right, but is not under any obligation to:


  • Review or request changes to any advertisement scheduled for insertion;
  • Accept, retract, modify, or reject, at any time, any advertisement submitted for placement in its sole discretion, whether on the basis of these guidelines, advertising format, targeting criteria, or for any other reason;
  • Modify or set age targeting as appropriate for ads that promote, for example, alcohol, weight loss products or services, lingerie, dating sites, birth control, sexual health products, prescription products, tanning salons, body branding, piercing, and tattoos, and some rated entertainment.
  • Review any advertisement to determine the appropriateness of the advertisement for the Yahoo audience; or
  • Modify these guidelines at any time without notice.
  • Specifically, Yahoo reserves the right to reject or retract, at any time, any advertising deemed to, in Yahoo's sole opinion:
  • Be misleading, deceptive, false or untrue;
  • Promote or glorify violence, crime, obscenity, the use of weapons, or to provide instructions on how to "get away" with crimes or unlawful activity;
  • Stereotype, inaccurately portray or attack an individual or group on the basis of age, color, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or handicap;
  • Be offensive or disturbing to Yahoo's users, or likely to cause outrage, general disapproval, or negative opinion within the community;
  • Portray minors (or persons who, in Yahoo's opinion, appear to be underage) in a manner that is sexually suggestive or otherwise age-inappropriate;
  • On behalf of, or which promotes, Yahoo competitors.
  • On behalf of, or which promotes, products, services or activities contrary to Yahoo's competitive position or interests (such ads include, without limitation, ads that disparage the Internet as a medium).


Yahoo Brand Guidelines - Display, Native & Search


Use of the Yahoo name, logo or other brand features in the ad or on websites without prior approval is not permitted. Images may not imitate Yahoo stream content, emails, Messenger content, Flickr messaging or any other Yahoo mobile app features which make it difficult for users to distinguish between the ad and Yahoo products.


Unacceptable Products & Services

Adult Sexual Products & Services - Display, Native & Search

Yahoo does not accept ads for adult sexual products or services. This includes but is not limited to films, magazines, web sites, sex toys, libido increasers, and entertainment/pornography.


For Native & Display, any product or supplement that claims to boost testosterone or enhance sexual performance is considered an adult product, regardless of marketing technique.


Copyright Protection - Display, Native & Search

Yahoo does not allow ads for sites that are principally dedicated to engaging in copyright piracy and have no substantial non-infringing uses.


Reporting Intellectual Property Claims


Please visit our Intellectual Property Center for our guidelines, reporting requirements, and online forms in order to submit a trademark, copyright, or counterfeit complaint.

With any notice, please include the search keyword(s) that produced the ad, display URL, title, and description. Without this information we will be unable to investigate complaints directed towards ads that appear in connection with search results.


Family Planning - Display & Native

Yahoo does not allow ads for sites that promote adoption, surrogacy services, or prenatal gender determination.


Firearms & Explosives - Display, Native & Search

Yahoo does not allow ads for:


  • Firearms, firearms parts, accessories and ammunition
  • Paintball guns, airsoft guns and BB guns (Display & Native)
  • Knives and blunt objects created for use as weapons
  • Handgun safety certificates
  • Military ordnance and grenades, even if the item has been "demilitarized.”
  • Fireworks and other explosives
  • Electronic Control Devices, such as tasers and stun guns

Get-Rich-Quick Schemes & Offers - Display, Native & Search

Yahoo does not allow ads for get-rich-quick schemes that create unrealistic expectations of wealth with very little effort. These include but are not limited to "free money” offers and “work at home” job offers that are not legitimate offers of employment.


Pay-to-Bid Sites - Display, Native & Search

Yahoo does not allow ads for sites that require non-refundable fees to bid on auction items (e.g. “penny” or “bidding fee” auctions).


Questionable Legality Products & Services - Display, Native & Search

Yahoo reserves the right to refuse advertising for products, services and content where the legality or regulatory status of the item is unclear. This includes, but is not limited to, products and services such as:


  • Essay-Writing Services
  • Fake IDs & Diplomas
  • Hacking & Cracking
  • Products & Services That Actively Prevent Traffic Speed Enforcement
  • Sales of user passwords or products & services that obtain user passwords
  • Pyramid and Ponzi schemes
  • Solicitation of funds
  • Products and services that represent trade with countries subject to US embargoes or trade sanctions.
  • Sale or trade of Endangered Species
  • EMEA: Unofficial resale of certain types of tickets, including tickets for certain football matches (UEFA and FIFA tickets) and tournaments.

Recreational Drugs - Display, Native & Search

Yahoo does not allow ads for any recreational drugs Including salvia divinorum or drug paraphernalia, or products and services designed to beat drug tests. This includes drugs which may be legal or decriminalized in some regions, such as marijuana.


Single Securities - Display & Native

Yahoo does not allow ads that promote a single security (stocks, bonds, notes, warrants, options, etc.).


Tobacco Products - Display, Native & Search

Yahoo does not allow ads for the promotion of tobacco products and paraphernalia, including ads for electronic cigarettes and other recreational nicotine delivery systems, cartridges and nicotine solutions used in these devices, and other e-cigarette parts. Ads that promote smoking cessation products and services are acceptable.


United Kingdom and Germany: Ads for Electronic Cigarettes and related products are acceptable. Advertising must comply with all applicable national, state/provincial and local laws or regulations.



Yahoo Competitors - Display & Native

Yahoo competitors (as defined by Yahoo) may be prohibited from advertising on Yahoo owned and operated sites.


Restricted Products & Services

Age Targeting - Display & Native

Do not use ad copy or images/video to market directly to children, or that appear to market to children.


Alcohol - Display, Native & Search

Ads that promote alcohol or alcoholic beverages are restricted by region and must target an audience over the legal purchase age and within regions where alcohol advertising is allowed. Regardless of age or region targeting, alcohol ads must not be designed, or appear to be designed, to appeal to under age purchasers. Advertising for alcoholic beverages must be targeted to users of legal purchase age and may not appear on Yahoo sites where the primary audience is not of legal purchase age.


India, Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Omar, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen: Promotion of alcohol is not allowed.


Astrology - Display, Native & Search

Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, India, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen: Yahoo does not allow ads for astrology, horoscopes, fortune tellers, psychics and magic spells.


Birth Control and Sexual Health Products - Display, Native & Search

Yahoo accepts ads for non-prescription birth control products (including condoms) when targeted to users over the age of majority in approved regions.

Algeria, Brazil, Bahrain, Egypt, India, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen: Ads for birth control and sexual health products are not accepted.


Contests & Sweepstakes - Display, Native & Search

Advertisements for contests and sweepstakes must clearly and conspicuously disclose the material terms and conditions of participating, must not be false, deceptive or misleading, and must display disclaimers required by applicable law. Such promotions must clearly disclose that no purchase is necessary. All promotions must comply with all applicable laws, regulations and other requirements.


Note: Ads for Contests will not be served within mobile application implementations.


Credit Repair - Display, Native & Search

Yahoo does not accept ads for credit repair services that market services to remove negative credit history that legitimately appears on a user’s credit report.


Dating Sites - Display, Native & Search

Ads for dating sites (including ad text, ad image or video, and landing pages) must not:


  • Suggest or imply the presence of underage members
  • Promote casual sex, affairs or hook ups either implicitly or explicitly, or promote escort services
  • Indicate or imply that users will meet or connect with fictitious or specific individuals.
  • Suggest that a user has been, or may be, searched for or interacted with in any way.
  • Promote "mail-order bride" services or any type of international matchmaking
  • Yahoo reserves the right to restrict dating advertisers and campaigns without notice.


Display ads for dating sites are subject to additional requirements. These ads must be relevant to a broad audience (without assumptions about a user’s dating preferences) and calls to action should focus on the product. Ad images must be static (no animation), professional and tasteful. Yahoo does not serve display ads for dating in Yahoo Mail.


Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen: Yahoo does not accept ads for dating sites.


Financial Services - Display, Native & Search

  • Ads and landing pages must accurately represent the true nature of the product and disclose any associated or recurring fees.
  • All claims in ads must be clear, fair and not misleading.
  • Ads must include links to third-party accreditation/endorsement where affiliation is implied or stated. Examples include, but are not limited to, verification of government affiliation, industry groups, and third-party ratings.
  • Ads must provide accurate physical contact information for the business being promoted.
  • Ads can’t guarantee loan modification or foreclosure prevention.


The promotion of foreign currency trading (Forex) sites is not allowed in India.


In the UK, ads that promote credit cards must include the following information on the landing page in a clear and obvious way with a prominent clear label “Representative APR.”

  • The rate of interest
  • Any fees or charges relating to the credit
  • The credit limit
  • The cash price and the amount of any advance payment
  • The name and postal address for the advertiser


Payday Loans


Payday loans or cash advances are unsecured, short term loans.


Native and Display: Ads for Payday Loans are not allowed, except in the following markets: United States, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.


Search: Ads for Payday Loans are allowed in all markets.

Food Advertising - Display, Native & Search

Brazil and Taiwan: Ads for food products that claim to have specific health related benefits are not allowed.


  • In Taiwan, government-certified health foods may be allowed.
  • In Brazil, whey protein, amino-acids and caffeine related products, along with other functional foods may be allowable, dependent upon appropriate marketing.

Gambling - Display, Native & Search

Online Gambling in Native & Display


Except in the following markets, Yahoo does not allow ads for online casinos or any site with online gambling as its central theme: Australia, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom, and United States.


All gambling advertisers must be pre-approved by Yahoo.


Online gambling advertisers are restricted to targeting only the specific market in which their license has been granted. Gambling advertisers may not accept or procure bets from residents of countries (or states/territories/provinces) besides the specific region for which their license applies.


Note: Gemini Ads for Online Gambling will not be served within mobile application implementations.


United States: Yahoo will only accept online gaming providers which (i) are authorized to do business in a state which allows online gaming, currently New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware, and (ii) have entered into a contractual relationship with a land-based casino in the applicable Gaming State regarding the online gaming service.


Land-Based Casinos
Ads for land-based casinos are allowed provided they are appropriately licensed in their jurisdiction, and include all disclaimers required by law.


Ads for land-based casinos are not allowed in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen.


Health Services & Medical Devices - Native & Display

Ads for health care providers, medical services, medical spas, cosmetic surgery providers, hospitals, clinics, and medical devices must be comply with all applicable legislation, including licensing or registration requirements, if required.

  • Brazil: Ads in this category may be subject to further restrictions.


Infant Feeding - Display, Native & Search

Yahoo disallows ads that promote the sale or use of formula, feeding bottles, rubber nipples, or baby food in Brazil, India, and Vietnam.


Lotteries - Display, Native & Search

Subject to local country law, only ads for national, transnational, provincial or state-sponsored or sanctioned lotteries are allowed. Promotion of lotteries outside of their legally permitted area is not allowed. Advertising for lotteries must be targeted to users of legal lottery participation age and may not appear on Yahoo sites where the primary audience is not of legal lottery participation age.


Note: Ads for Lotteries will not be served within mobile application implementations.


Ads for lotteries or lucky draw promotions are not allowed in India, Italy, Romania, Singapore, and Vietnam.


Over-the-Counter Drugs - Display & Native

Promotion of OTC products must not make unreasonable or inaccurate claims, or promote the product for a different use than it is intended or approved for by appropriate regulatory bodies.


Ads for over the counter drugs or supplements are not allowed in United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Brazil, Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen.


Political Ads - Display, Native & Search

Political issue and candidate ads must comply with local political advertising standards and guidelines, including all applicable laws, regulations and other requirements. In some markets, additional review of proposed political ads may be required.


Yahoo Inc. reserves the right to limit or prohibit political advertising on specific areas of Yahoo and reserves the right to review, request modifications to, or reject any advertisement at its sole discretion. However, such discretion will not be exercised with the intent to favor or disfavor any particular candidate or political party.


Prescription Drugs & Pharmacies - Display, Native & Search

Prescription Drug Branding

Prescription drug branding or information may be advertised for uses approved by the appropriate regulatory agency in each local market. "Off-label use" advertising is prohibited.


Note: Display ads for pharmaceutical products are subject to the same animation limits that apply to all Display ads, except where necessary to allow for additional scrolling of required safety information disclosures only. Animation of any other ad elements must fall within limits specified under “Ad Specs”.


Brazil: Ads for prescription drug branding and information is not allowed.


Pharmacies and Other Prescription Drug Resellers


Native & Search: Yahoo does not accept ads for sales of prescription medicines.


Display: Yahoo only accepts ads for sales of prescription medicines in the United States and Canada. Pharmacies must be well-known, reputable companies that require an actual doctor's prescription to purchase medication, and must be accredited by VIPPS, or other NABP certification programs.


Religious Ads - Display, Native & Search

Yahoo does not allow ads for religions and religious organizations that feature religious imagery or symbols, or that proselytize a particular religion. Religious-themed ads that are primarily informational or promote non-faith activities, such as education at a school, may be allowed.


Sensitive Advertising - Display, Native & Search

Yahoo reserves the right to remove or limit advertising permanently or for a period of time in response to a sensitive tragedy, disaster, death, or high profile news event.


Usenet & Unregulated User-Generated Content - Display, Native & Search

Advertising is not allowed that provides access to Usenet/Newsgroup content, and other types of unregulated user-generated content.


Weight Loss Products & Services - Display & Native

Yahoo does not accept Native or Display ads for weight loss supplements. These products include, but are not limited to pills, patches, creams, gummies, beverages, and similar weight-loss products.


Yahoo accepts ads for other weight loss products and programs, such as membership programs, clinics, and exercise programs and DVDs:

  • Advertising cannot make any unrealistic claims about the amount of weight loss that can be reasonably expected from using the product.
  • Advertising cannot suggest that any product by itself will cause weight loss. The importance of diet, exercise and restriction of caloric intake in conjunction with the product's use must be emphasized.
  • Advertising for weight loss products may not depict or specifically target children or teens.


Native: weight loss advertising may not contain testimonials or make specific weight loss claims in the ad text.


Display: any weight loss advertising containing testimonials or making specific weight loss claims must disclose the generally expected results of using the product. Where the demonstrated weight loss for an individual appearing in an advertisement is not typical, a clear and conspicuous disclaimer specifying the endorser's unique circumstances is required. Disclaimers such as "results not typical; individual results may vary" are not sufficient.


Italy: Weight loss product and services ads are not allowed.

Product Ads (Search Only)

As part of the Product Ads program, and do not apply to other Yahoo offerings. It is primarily your responsibility as an advertiser to comply with these policies, as well as any applicable legal requirements. We strive to provide the best possible experience for all of our customers. Non-compliant offers will be removed.


To participate in Yahoo Product Ads, you must comply with all Yahoo Mobile Search Ad Policies, as previously described, and with these additional guidelines.


Product Descriptions

Your product description must be truthful and accurate, including, but not limited to: product features, conditions, availabilities, qualities and comparisons, pricing, shipping, warranties, refunds, and taxes.


  • If your offering is for an “other-than-new” product, the description must specify the condition of the product. Use words such as “Used,” “Collectible,” “Open Box,” “Refurbished” and “Remanufactured” as applicable.
  • Only products in stock are allowed to be listed. Out of stock, pre-order and back-ordered products will not be allowed.
  • Product pricing descriptions:
    • At least one product must be available at the offered price, and must be easily accessible to users within a few clicks of the landing page.
    • Any billing terms and conditions must be clearly displayed before purchase.
    • Any taxes, additional costs, discounts, etc. must be clearly displayed before purchase.
    • Payments must be collected on a secure site.
    • Negative option or continuity billing is not allowed.
  • When shipping information is provided, shipping costs, estimated timing and the location from which the items are being shipped must be clearly identified.
  • Your website must provide users with a clear and conspicuous return and refund policy. The terms and processing of returns and refunds are entirely the responsibility of the advertiser.


Product Images

  • Images must be relevant to the product offer. You may not use low quality, illegible, inaccurate, placeholder, or out-of-date images, or just images of the brand name or logo.
  • Images containing text are not allowed including: calls to action, free shipping, promotional adjectives, product condition, etc.
  • Images cannot have borders
  • Images of a bundle must show the entire bundle

Restricted and Disallowed Categories

Yahoo Product Ads is primarily open to sales of shippable, physical products. For example, Product Ads cannot be used to sell or promote travel services and packages, real estate, and virtual currencies among other services and virtual products.


The following is a non-exhaustive list of restricted and disallowed advertising categories for Product Ads that are in addition to those previously described for Gemini Search ads in general. Yahoo reserves the right to remove additional listings or product categories, at any time and at Yahoo’s sole discretion, including products that do not align to the Yahoo brand and image.


Adult-Oriented Products - Product Ads is not available for adult entertainment and sex product advertisers.


Financial Products - Any financial products promoted in Product Ads must comply with all applicable laws and best practices. Promotion of currency exchanges, stocks & securities, and precious metals is not allowed.


Live Animals & Endangered Species - Yahoo Product Ads prohibits the sale of live animals as well as products obtained from or the actual sale of endangered or threatened species.


Lottery Tickets - Yahoo Product Ads does not allow sales of state and national lottery tickets and lottery scratch cards.


Multiple Stores - Do not include identical offers from multiple storefronts that you own in Product Ad listings.


Vehicles - Yahoo Product Ads does not allow the sales of large vehicles designed to transport people or goods on roadways, waterways and airways.


Online Tracking Technologies

Online tracking technologies, such as web beacons, tracking pixels, etc., are strictly disallowed unless previously approved by Yahoo. Compliance with online privacy regulations and industry standards is required. It is entirely your responsibility as an advertiser to ensure compliance with applicable regulations.


Yahoo Ad Network

If you are acting as an ad network, the Section entitled “Representative” of the Master Terms and Conditions applies, and you must also comply with the policies set forth below.


These policies are not exhaustive and may be modified by us from time to time.


Frequency Caps

You may not purchase inventory from the Yahoo! Ad Network with a campaign frequency cap of less than one (1) unique user view per day.

Your Advertisers and Ads


  • Upon our request, you must disclose to us within four (4) business days all Advertisers that will be rotating through your tags on the Yahoo! Ad Network prior to the start of the applicable Insertion Order. Thereafter, you must identify in writing any new Advertiser that you will rotate through your tags on the Yahoo! Ad Network at least four business (4) days in advance of such rotation.
  • At any time, we may request that you remove any Advertiser from your rotation on the Yahoo! Ad Network, and you will remove such Advertiser immediately from such rotation, but in no event later than twenty-four (24) hours after such notice.
  • You may not rotate any ads through your tags on the Yahoo! Ad Network that promote your own products and/or services.

Yahoo Ad Network Inventory

  • You may not resell Yahoo! Ad Network inventory as named Yahoo! Ad Network inventory without our prior written consent, or in any way hold yourself out as an affiliate, distributor, or partner of the Yahoo! Ad Network in the resale of Yahoo! Ad Network inventory.
  • You may not resell Yahoo! Ad Network inventory to any other ad network.